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The Environment

There are dozens of tools, items, toys and other objects to interact with. There are 25 levels. Each level can be up to 6 screens in size. The various levels contain many features and hazards. Some are ordinary things that hardly merit mention, others are extremely deadly menaces, and a few fall somewhere in the middle.


  • Triggers: Triggers often take the form of a button or switch. When activated, they cause something to happen (usually nearby).

  • Doors: Doors in the levels come in three forms. Some of them open when you use some key or keycards. Others remain closed until a button or other trigger activates them. The third type of door will open after you type the correct password.

  • Lifts: Unlike transporters, which operate usually when are activated, lifts are constantly in motion. Some blob up and down, while other go back and forth. Some lifts must be activated first.

  • Transporters: When the player activates them, they begin to operate.

  • Bounce pad: Propels the player if jumps on it high into the air.

  • Pillow: It will save your life when you fall down from high attitude.

  • Teleports: A teleport allows player to instantly travel from one point in the level to another or to the next level. You can't see where the teleport leads, however, until you step into it.

  • Save places: In these places you can save the game.

  • Platforms on the water or lava: Watch out! They will sink, if you stay on them too long!

  • Rotten platforms: Once you step on them, they will vanish... be quick!

  • Traps: Keep an eye on them!

  • Lava: In some levels, the player will be forced to deal with lava. Anyone foolish enough to step into lava will suffer an amazing amount of damage.

  • Water: Can be found in many of the levels. These are NOT safe to swim in!

  • Enemies: If you want to survive, avoid them. They can't be killed. There are 18 different types!

  • Health: There are four types of health bonuses: Milk (10%), Cake (30%), Hamburger (50%) and Fruits (100%).


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